I am interested in language and its capacity for creating meaning, engaging in its authority and its fragility. A literal deconstruction of assorted texts, the cutting apart of books, re-assembling, transcribing and altering, blurring and reducing the physical words into a place teetering on meaninglessness, it is ultimately an inquiry into the nature of the sublime, a return to pre-verbal innocence. 

This engagement with language is a meditative analysis of how we find meaning in the world. Rather.. not meaning, but that moment where understanding is felt, not known, where understanding occurs distinct from and indeed, despite language.

In my private practice as a psychoanalyst, I work with patients to recognize the nuances of linguistic meaning, exploring how we perceive and interpret our worlds. Thought, feeling, story, instinct, fear, wonder, desire, shame…  all are embodied as language. This narrative is endless, insistent and often undermines our capacity for psychic freedom, to find a true place and purpose. Taking apart these narratives create the possibility of being freer, unburdened by the words we drag around behind us, the language that defines who we know ourselves to be… the illusion of knowing preempted by possibility.

“The Interpretation of Dreams”, “Moby Dick”, “Through the Looking Glass”, “Finnegan’s Wake”, et al, as well as fairy tales and (anonymous) transcriptions from patients’ sessions, provide narratives harvested for their content. Subsequently, this content is methodically altered and reduced, stripping it of access and meaning, wherein “nothing” ultimately is it’s everything.